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Founding Event

ISDE was founded on 25 November 1990 and has now national and regional member organisations in over 25 countries. Physicians from these countries are invited to join their national organisations; physicians from other countries are invited to join as direct members.

Report of the Constituent Assembly
Founding Members
Appeal to Physicians at the Founding Congress

Consultative Status

Linking Human Health and the Environment

ISDE has consultative status with
ISDE is a partner of the Global Mercury Partnership, which is hosted by UNEP.

Past Presidents

Who we are

ISDE was founded in 1990 by Werner Nussbaumer from Switzerland who convinced friends from Italy, Germany, Austria and Sweden to form an international association. He served as president until 2001 when the board decided a rotating presidency would better reflect the by then truly international scope. The transition was chaired (2001-2003) by Peter van den Hazel (Netherlands), followed by Oral Antanyasova (03-05, Uzbekistan), Vyvyan Howard (05-07, UK), Lilian Corra (07-09, Argentina), Hanns Moshammer (09-11, Austria), Cathey Falvo (11-13, USA), and Roberto Romizi (13-15, Italy). Then came Mahmood Khwaja (15-17 Pakistan) and then again Lilian Corra (7-19, Argentina). At the Assembly in 2019 Ferdinando Laghi (19-21 Italy) was confirmed and Peter van den Hazel (Netherlands) was elected to follow again after 2021.At the virtual Assembly 2021/12/11 Peter van den Hazel was confirmed as president for the coming 2 years and Oral Ataniyasova elected to follow in 2023. At the AGM in Nukus, Oct 29th, 2023, Oral Ataniyazsova stepped in. As president elect, Hanns Moshammer was elected.

Past Assemblies

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The details and the letters

ISDE is an environmental NGO of medical doctors as an independent, non-governmental non-profit organisation. The statutes were last updated in 2009.

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ISDE Offices

The Executive Office of ISDE is located in Switzerland. ISDE also has a Scientific Office, which coordinates research, information and training activities. Roberto Romizi is the current president of the Scientific Office. The SO also offers a Quality Seal.

ISDE is a partner of the Global Mercury Partnership, which is hosted by UNEP.