Ferdinando Laghi


President 2019-2021
Vice President of ISDE - Italy

Environmental activist for over 25 years, member of ISDE Italy for over 15 years
Main areas of interest in ISDE: urban waste management; thermoelectric power plants; air pollution; electromagnetic fields

Main Professional Experience
2000 - 2019 Head of the Department of Internal Medicine (retired) Castrovillari hospital (Calabria, southern Italy) 
1981- 1983 Physician at Department of Clinical Medicine Policlinico “Agostino Gemelli” - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart - Rome

1994 Executive Master in Health Management and Organization (C.OR.GE.SAN.) University "Luigi Bocconi" – Milan
1989 Post-graduate degree – Haematology
Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – Rome
1983 Post-graduate degree – Internal Medicine
Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – Rome
1978  Degree in medicine and surgery Catholic University of the Sacred Heart - Rome   

Over seventy articles published in medical and environmental journals and collaborations in the drafting of books on the relationship between environment and health
Collaboration with the Italian network RAI and guest of numerous transmissions of national networks on environmental issues.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Pollino National Park, in Southern Italy, appointed by the Italian Minister of the Environment on designation of the Italian environmental associations.
Member of the Board of Directors of GUFI (Unitary Group for Italian Forests)
Member of the Committee for the Defense of Common Goods "Stefano Rodotà"
Former Member of several scientific societies: Italian Society of Hematology (SIE); European Haematology Association (EHA); Italian Society of Human Genetics (SIGU); Italian Society of Atherosclerosis Studies (SISA); Federation of Associations of Hospital Internists (FADOI) 

Awarded by WWF and Accademia dei Lincei in Rome
Honorary citizenship from the Municipality of Serrungarina, in the Marche region, Italy.